Music Together Classes


During this incredibly challenging time, we need music and community more than ever! That's why Music Together Worldwide has created a new, online version of the beloved family music program to keep us connected until the day when we can meet together again in person.


What does the Music Together at Home program include for summer 2020?

  • One small-group, interactive class via Zoom every week with your teacher and classmates. Instead of going to class once a week, your class will come to you! Weekly classes last 30-35 minutes with additional time for socializing before and after class. 
  • Supplemental videos from Chickadee Music Together teachers. Short videos featuring song activities, lullabies, parent education and more will be available on our private Facebook page and Vimeo.
  • Kazoo song collection (songbook, CD, download code) mailed directly to your door. Please be sure to verify your address upon registering, so we send them to the right place!
  • Friends and Family Class Pass. Invite grandparents, relatives or a special friend to one of your summer Zoom classes and share the joy of the Music Together community.
  • A colorful scarf for dancing and music-making at home. (One scarf for each enrolled child.)
  • Access to family resources from Music Together Worldwide on the Family Music ZoneColoring pages, musical games, videos from our own Uncle Gerry and more!


What about screen time for toddlers and preschoolers?

We know screen time isn't generally recommended for this age group, but here's the difference: YOU! When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don't take it in the same way, nor do they learn in the same way as when they have the active participation of a parent or caregiver. So, just like in our classrooms, you are still your child's most important music teacher. Your child will interact with their teacher and their classmates, but it is truly the interaction with you that will continue to support their musical development all week long. We'll give you lots of ideas for fun ways to play with these songs at home while we're all looking for activities to fill our days!


Music Together Mixed-Age Classes

Music Together Mixed-Age classes for ages birth to five include 45 minutes of singing, moving, listening, improvising and exploring musical instruments in a playful and relaxed atmosphere. Whatever their own musical abilities, adults help to create an environment that supports each child in developing his or her love for music, as well as basic competence in musical skills. Each session features one of nine award-winning song collections so families can continue the music-making fun at home. Music Together was the first early childhood music program to offer music classes for mixed ages. Child development researchers know that the natural, family-style environment of mixed-age classes is the best way for young children to learn. In our experience, it works! In Mixed-Age classes, the older children love to show what they know, and the younger ones love to watch and imitate. The relaxed, no-pressure environment lets all kids learn at their own pace.


Babies Music Class: A Great Start

Newborns through Eight Months

You might be wondering what your newborn could possibly take away from a music class and how old they have to be before they can benefit. At Music Together®, we know it's never too early to get babies started in class! Your little one is a natural-born music-maker, ready to start learning music at birth.

Mommy plus babyAs in everything, you are your baby's first and best teacher. But don't get nervous! When you sing in the car and dance in the living room, you're showing your baby how to make music and that making music is important to your family. That's all your baby needs from you—musically, at least! 

In the Music Together Babies class, for infants from birth through 8 months, you'll learn a lot of fun musical activities for babies. You'll also learn to recognize which of your baby's behaviors are musical so that you can support their development at the time when your baby's brain is at its most receptive.

The Babies class has other benefits, too! Singing and dancing with your baby is a beautiful way for the two of you to bond. And making music with other parents of newborns is a great way to make new friends in your community who are as sleep deprived as you!

Class Schedule Start Date Duration Teacher

Summer Music Together at Home
Your Living Room!
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Monday 10:00 AM Jul 13, 2020 6 weeks Carol Dansereau Register
Tuesday 4:00 PM Jul 14, 2020 6 weeks Carol Dansereau Register
Wednesday 4:00 PM Jul 15, 2020 6 weeks Aria Prame Register
Thursday 10:00 AM Jul 16, 2020 6 weeks Mary Anne Aiello Register
Friday 10:00 AM Jul 17, 2020 6 weeks Sarah Nishioka Register
Saturday 9:00 AM Jul 18, 2020 6 weeks Aria Prame Register
Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 18, 2020 6 weeks Aria Prame Register